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7 Logo Types for Your Business

Posted June 17th, 2020 by 

Logos are everywhere. If you realize you can find them from when you’re awake till you’re going to bed. From your clock, cellphone, fridge, cereal box, car, card, etc. Everything from a business has a logo on it. Logo seems simple, but the creation is not as easy as people think.

There are 7 types of logos. Each type has its own advantage, so you need to consider what kind of logo you want before designing it.

Abstract Mark

Abstract Mark Logo
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Abstract Mark is a logo with symbols that is not easy to recognize as something we know. This type will need more explanation for people to understand, sometimes symbolizing something essential of the company. Usually designers make abstract symbols based on company philosophy, history, goals, or mission. Abstract marks condense your brand into a single symbol. This type of logo is often easy to remember but hard to recognize and associated. If you are setting up a new business with this logotype, please make sure to have a tagline that tells your business or associate with it.


Picture Mark

Picture Mark Logo
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The difference between Picture and Abstract Mark is recognizability. This type of logo uses an icon of recognizable objects that symbolize something essential of the company, name, a proposition, history, works, etc. For example, apple computers use a bitten apple for their logo; not only because the name is apple but it is taken from another 2 philosophies. One is from Isaac Newton when he recognized gravity from a falling apple, “once fall can’t go back up”; once you fall in love with an apple product, you can’t go back to where you came from. Two is the bitten part from the Bible’s Genesis when Adam and Eve taste the forbidden fruit which some people considered as an apple. Once you taste it, it will open your mind and you will see everything.

Letter Mark

Letter Mark Logo
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Lettermark can consist of one to several letters that cannot be read or can be read without meaning. Sometimes it is an initial, a monogram, or just a simple abbreviation of the company. Letter mark is the oldest type of logo which was previously used by the royal family to mark their belongings like house, cart, cattle, horses, swords, etc.; and also, by an artist to mark their works.

Word Mark

word mark logo
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Word mark is a developed version of letter mark. Instead of just some designed letters, this type of logo can be read. The letter itself can be decorated and modified to match with company essential business. The chosen typeface should be correct to mitigate people’s misinterpretation of business. Wrong typeface selection will give people the wrong idea and the business may not be sold well, especially if it is a new business. Some well-known brands adopted the wrong typeface because of the trending typeface when they are born. For example, Sony that adopts Slab Serif typeface, makes it look far from their product. Luckily, they are already famous and the competition back then is not as tight as today. To learn more about typography please visit this link.


Mascot Logo
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A Mascot is simply an illustration that represents your company. This illustration is usually a character and symbolizes a company history or behavior. Think that a mascot is a company ambassador. Mascots are great for companies who want to target the family and children market. Think that a mascot can be made in real size and interacts in real life.


emblem logo
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An emblem consists of letters, words, numbers, or icons encapsulated into one shape. Think about badges, seals and crest. This logo can have a historical feel and striking impact for people. Thus they are often used by governments and schools or businesses with long historical backgrounds. This type of logo can have old looks or be modernized to fit the 21st century.


combination logo
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A Combination almost the same as emblem but non encapsulated into one shape. Text and Symbol are tangled together to form the logo but not connected each other. Therefore, they can’t be separated each other and stands on its own. In short, this logo consists of lettermark with additional mark (can be anything but not an emblem).

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