Frequently asked questions

A collection of questions and answers that address most queries about our signage products, ordering signage, and the services we offer.


Does Maneki Signage ship internationally?
Yes! Our online signage store was specifically designed to allow international businesses to buy fully customized business signage (not just basic catalog signs) directly from our Singapore factory. With our production fully contained in Singapore, we do not compromise on quality, yet deliver at a price that few of our competitors can match - and we can prove it: Compare any quote you've received to our online pricing calculator!
How soon will my signage order ship once I've placed it?
We manufacture and ship out all orders within 7 working days. Please note that for custom signage ordered from our custom sign builder, we first prepare you a series of previews (to show what your design will look when made into a custom sign as per the design options you selected). You will receive these previews withing 24 hours of placing your order. Once you've confirm the previews we sent you, we manufacture and ship out your order within 7 working days.
Every country has signage manufacturers, why is Maneki Signage the only one selling custom signage online and to the international market?
We are asking the same question. After the hugely positive response to and success of our first online signage store in Singapore (launched in 2014), it seemed to us the most natural thing in the world to sell signage - like everything else, nowadays - online and to the rest of the world. Perhaps we will start a trend, but for now we (and our customers) are happy to have taken the initiative.

General queries

Do you provide Braille signs?
Yes we do! We are one of only a handful of signage companies in Singapore that offer Braille signs specifically to comply with the latest BCA – code on accessibility 2013 – for accessibility signs. Additionally, our Braille signs are fully ADA and ADAAG compliant, and available in a multitude of colors and materials.
Which type of sign should I choose?
For your shop front, a framed signs should be used. For signs outside your office, basic acrylic signs with spacers are recommended. Indoor statutory signs should be basic acrylic type. Outdoor signs need to withstand the weather, so they should be aluminium signs. And finally, for your company’s reception area, 3D-letter signs give that professional finish.
How big should my sign be?
As big as the space allows for, which improves visibility and gives a more complete branded look to your shop or office. If you are unsure of what size works best for your needs, we can provide you with a full-sized mock-up artwork ($8 per piece--excluding delivery) to help you better choose the final size and design. For basic office signage (to be placed along the corridor), we would recommend a sign at least 60cm wide. For office signage placed above the door, the sign should, ideally, be the width of the door to give a professional and balanced look.
What thickness should my sign be?
Thicker signs give a higher quality appearance in addition to offering more structural strength and rigidity.

For signage smaller than 20cm2, 5mm-thick acrylic is recommended, and for signage bigger than 20cm2, we advise 10mm-thick acrylic be used.

In the case of aluminium signs, the thickness required depends on the installation method. E.g., if you are installing on a curved surface (circular column or curved wall), a thickness of 0.8mm is crucial for the sign to easily and neatly bend to the curvature of the installation surface. If the aluminium sign is to be mounted on a flat wall, 1.5-mm is the ideal thickness.

For a free-standing signs mounted on a post or hollow section, e.g., a road sign, a thickness of 2-3mm is required, so that the sign won't easily bend when struck by rocks kicked up by nearby road traffic. Please note: In Singapore, statutory signs must have a thickness of, at least, 3mm.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need advice on anything related to signage size, thickness, and material.
Will my sign fade?
Due to weathering processes (primarily UV radiation from the sun), all signs will eventually fade (and don't let any signage company tell you otherwise). Our signs typically last up to 5 years with minimal fading. We provide a one-year guarantee against fading for any sign purchased from us. For any sign with electronics, we provide a one-year guarantee on the craftmanship and a six-month guarantee on all the electronics.
Are your signs suitable for outdoors?
Yes! We only use quality materials, which ensures superior durability in outdoor conditions. However, due to harsher outdoor conditions, signs will usually last longer in an indoor environment.
I am unable to find the type of signage I want on your website. Do you offer any other signage products?
We are able to fabricate wide range of signage! Our online portal only represent our most popular signage products. Please do contact us should if you cannot find what you are looking for on our website!

To get an accurate quotation first time, please provide us with the desired size and quantity as well as a photo of the installation area. Be sure to visit our online signage gallery if you are unsure what type of sign you want.

Sales related

Can I purchase multiple signs at discount?
Our online portal automatically calculates a discounted price for orders with two or more signs. Should your bulk order have special considerations, please do contact us to get an offline quote.
What if I change my mind about the signage I ordered from Maneki Signage?
We don't want to lock you in to a sale your are not completely comfortable with. As such, you may cancel any order before you have confirmed the final design with us. Once you confirm the final design, we will already be busy manufacturing your signage. Please also note: Due to the administrative overhead involved in reversing an online payment, a 30% cancellation fee applies on all reversed orders.
Apart from PayPal and Credit Card payment, what other payment options do you have available?
We accept a variety of payment options. Please see our payment information page for more details.

Delivery and installation

How soon will I receive my sign upon ordering?
Our lead time is 7 working days upon confirmation of your order. Of course, we will deliver your sign even sooner if we can. If you have an urgent request, do give us a call! We are be happy to assist with last-minute orders--if our production schedule allows.
I need help with installing my sign.
Most of our signs can be installed by even the casual ‘DIYer’. However, if you need a professional installer, do contact us, and we will give you an installation quote and confirm an installation date.
Can I visit your factory to select and purchase signage?
Because all our signage is built-to-order, we do not hold any signage stock at our factory apart from production samples. As such, we recommend you look at our online signage selection, or send us an example photo of the type of sign you are looking for (see our online signage gallery for assistance).

Graphics design

Can you help me with designing my sign?
We provide expert graphics design services for signage. Please contact us to get more information and a quote.
Do you provide graphics design services for advertising and marketing?
Absolutely! Our design comprises of many talented individuals with backgrounds in media, print, advertising, marketing, and video production, so we offer the total design package.


I have a large signage project to complete, can you help me visualize the end result for the installation site?
We are the only signage company in Singapore with the expertise to create a photo-real 3-Dimensional render for events and other large-scale facelift/branding projects. Do contact us for more information on this service and to arrange a demonstration in your office!