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Maneki Signage Steps into the Future!

Posted October 29th, 2014 by 

After four decades spent as a grassroots Singaporean family business, Maneki Signage has taken a bold leap forward from the traditional to the futuristic. On October 14th, 2014, Maneki Signage became Singapore’s first signage company to offer a one-stop online ordering system for the most popular business signs demanded by the local market.

Driving this radical new initiative at Maneki Signage is the triumphant rise of technology in Singaporean society. New Singapore-based businesses look almost exclusively online for the resources, products, and services they need to launch and grow their operations. Furthermore, new businesses are looking for a total solution, instead of coordinating vendors to get their sign’s designed, fabricated, and installed.

The great benefit of this new technological drive at Maneki Signage is that, as an online business, Maneki Signage is not limited by borders. The next phase of development will enable Maneki Signage distribute its locally designed brand of signage to the entire world!

Maneki Signage has an end-to-end solution for any company looking at getting its Signage taken care of with the least amount of consultative lag added to the price. Thus, and online ordering system where businesses can specify, preview, and order their signs, is a tremendous step forward for the local signage industry–and Maneki Signage is proud to be the pioneer of this initiative!

We at Maneki Signage have gone the extra mile to meet our new customers at their leisure and convenience, and trust this move will start the most successful chapter of our business yet. We invite you to try our services and see how our expertise can satisfy your signage needs.

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