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Signage for ‘Kiasu’ people

Posted November 3rd, 2014 by 

Over the past few decades, Singapore progressed tremendously, from a tiny fishing village to a leader in various highly profitable fields. I noticed the distinct change in our clients, from hokkien speaking towkays two decades ago, to tech-savvy young entrepreneurs turn overnight millionaires.

As a local born Singaporean, I share our fellow countrymen’s thrill in finding good bargains. As the saying in hokkien goes, ai cee ai pee (want things good and cheap). Being the 2nd generation towkay in the family’s signage business, I have the dream of integrating real technology with traditional business—to create value for money products and services for Singaporeans.

Over a few drinks with my new business partner, we came up with the following idea: Why not create an online signage company? People of the new generation work differently; we want information fast; we want things immediately. Efficiency is everything!

Hence, our new online signage portal allows kancheong (impatience) people to order signage off our expanding e-commerce website. Select your sign, specify the size you want, attached your artwork, click pay … and voila! Your fully customized quality sign will be delivered right to your door step!

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