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Typography: 6 Typefaces for Your Brand

Posted June 17th, 2020 by 

6 typeface for business, brand and logo

Typography is a study of letters. A set of letters called font. Just like colours, letters shape (called typeface) have their own character which radiate to the mind of the audience. Wrong typeface selection may give a wrong message to the audience, therefore they may not understand what your business is all about. There are 6 typefaces to choose.

serif typeface meaning & impression


Serif typeface came from greek – romanian period when almost all letters are carved into stone or clay. To make it neater, letter artists that time create horizontal carvings at the end of each letter called serif. Serif typeface gives classy, smart, mature, formal, and elegant feels. Italic serif typeface gives romantic feels but still maintains its original feels. Bold serif typeface gives stronger and sturdy feels.

slab serif typeface meaning & impression

Slab Serif / Egyptian

A modification of Serif typeface. This is the typeface for those who want a strong, heavy and sturdy looking brand. This typeface is not suitable in italic mode as that mode will give unstable feels. This typeface came from building foundation shape. This typeface is suitable for building and construction companies, as well as building material suppliers.

bodoni modern serif typeface meaning & impression

Bodoni / Modern Serif

Another modification of Serif typeface. This typeface is more feminine, elegant, and a little bit modern than regular serif. Please be careful as this typeface has an extreme thin to thick stem, it will be tricky to make it into 3D signage. This is the typeface of modern, unisex and fashion brands.

Sans serif Typeface meaning and impression

Sans Serif

Sans Serif typeface or simply called Sans is the most modern and versatile typeface. It is a simplification of Serif typeface. Sans typeface with medium weight will give modern, simple and sophisticated feels. Thin Serif typeface radiates feminine, romantic and flexibility. Bold serif typeface can be a replacement of slab serif. If your business is a high tech industry, this is the right typeface for you.

Script Typeface meaning and impression


Script typeface came from asian which used brush to write. Script is trending right now because of retro and industrial trends in interior designs. Script is romantic, feminine, classic, and elegant. Please take note that this typeface can’t be all uppercase.

Decorative Typeface meaning and impression


Decorative typeface is the typeface that is made to meet specific requirements. The meaning can be very vast based on the shape itself. Decorative typeface can be made by combining a symbol or two into a letter.

The implementations of all of those characters above are not rigid, but can be used as guides. Because letters can form a word, typeface usage should match with that also. Words combined with typeface will give a strong message about your business and brand.

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