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5 Types of Wood Commonly Used for Signage in Singapore

Posted May 6th, 2020 by 

Everyone knows that wood makes great signage! Wooden signages have been around for years and have been used by many companies from startups, successful companies, even personalized signage for your home. Wooden signages with custom lettering, engraving, images, and quotes are very popular. The interesting patterns and features in wood highlight the quality of the sign. Of course, durability is guaranteed. With the right maintenance, wooden signages could last throughout your lifetime.

Nowadays, wooden signages are applicable for Building Signs, Monument Signs, Restaurant Signs, Residential Signs, Shop Signs, Wall-mounted Signs, Menu Signboard, Home Décor, and many more. Here, we’d like to share 5 types of wood commonly used for signage in Singapore.

1. Chengal Wood

Maneki Signage – Wooden Sign (Chengal Wood)

Chengal wood is one of the popular materials for outdoor signage due to its durability. Its sturdy material ensures that the signage does not get damaged easily when exposed to harsh wеаthеr conditions, making it perfect as outdoor signage in Singapore’s tropical climate. Wooden signages have both aesthetic and financial value, and there is nothing as elegant and stunning as Chengal wood signage that surrounds your property.

2. Nyatoh Wood

Maneki Signage – Wooden Sign (Nyatoh Wood)

It is well-known that Nyatoh wood considered as a workable and useful hardwood. It can be used to make so many things such as furniture, interior joinery, plywood, utility construction, and signage. Nyatoh wood is not particularly attractive, but it is very common and well-liked in Singapore and some other South East Asia’s countries. Nyatoh wood looks reddish as raw material, but most types are easy to work with and takes to stain and polish well. Hence, it is popular to be used as indoor signage.

3. Ash Wood

Maneki Signage – Wooden Sign (Ash Wood)

Another versatile and popular wood for signage in Singapore is Ashwood. Its light coloured and smooth-grained, make this wood a favourite choice for fine furniture, floors, sports equipment, tool handles, and signage. Ashwood is also durable, lightweight, and aesthetically pleasing. It can also make great signage with its natural colour and mostly used for indoors.

4. Teak Wood

Maneki Signage – Wooden Sign (Teak Wood)

Teak wood is very popular not only in Singapore but also across the world. What is it that makes Teak wood so desirable? It is known for its incredible durability, elegance, and water resistance. Due to its adaptability to extreme weather and water resistance, Teak wood is an excellent choice for shipbuilders, outdoor furniture, and outdoor signage. It means that it can provide a lifetime and more of use indoors.

5. MDF

Maneki Signage – Wooden Sign (MDF)

MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) is another popular material for wooden signage in Singapore. It is an engineered composite material, cost-effective, and good for painting as it has a smooth surface. We can easily customize this material with a standard, rounded, or bevelled edge to meet your specification. MDF is often considered a level above plywood because it is denser, stronger and more durable. However, it is not as durable as the other solid woods. We recommend MDF to be used only for indoor. If you are looking for a cool vintage sign yet pocket friendly, MDF is the perfect choice for you.

Maneki Signage – Wooden Sign painting process

Some of the ways to get perfect signage besides using high-quality materials, are to take the time to sand, stain, and paint the wood correctly. In Maneki Signage, we have the professional craftsmen who are an expert in both spray-paint and hand-paint technique. Whether you prefer a spray-paint or hand-paint, we will make the final paint finish on your signage look best!

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